Smoking Girl

Smoking Girl

She started “smoking” after the her house burned down. At first, she only smelled like a fireplace. After a few days her head started to smolder. Rooms that she occupied began to fill up with smoke and she was no … Continue reading


Jack was a dealer of tonics and snake oils when he first appeared in the Badlands.

Most of  his homespun remedies often worked with miraculous results.

There were unfortunate side effects that occurred after patrons did not follow instructions.

When extra dosages were applied accidentally,  people grew extra limbs and there were extreme cases of “Big Nose” and “Elephant Ear” .

Jack was chased out of many of the towns where he plied his trade. Eventually Jack settled in a mining town in North Dakota. He opened

up a proper pharmacy with a lunch counter and made the best chocolate egg creams in the territory.

Primus Poster

primus tour poster

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